About Us

Don't know us?  Why are you here?  Oh well, guess we shouldn't leave you in the dark forever…

This is us in Costa Rica

About Willl...

Here is Will

Will grew up in Bainbridge, a small town in south west Georgia.  He was born to a pack of Mountain Lions before being adopted at a very young age by his parents, Dean and Thea Burke.  After repeatedly being awarded the “Most Unruly Child” award he graduated in the top two-thirds of his class at Bainbridge High School in 2001.  After a grueling 7 years in college he graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting from Kennesaw State University.  Will has passed all four sections of the CPA exam and is working towards obtaining his Georgia CPA license.  He currently works as Lead Accountant/Head Ninja for Element Funding, a growing mortgage lender in Sandy Springs, GA he has what he thinks to be the bestdoggieintheworld Lucy.

Birthday: March 2
Likes: Beth, cheeseburgers, Mayonnaise, cheap beer, dogs, computers, Beth, family, accounting
Dislikes: Unicorns, University of Florida, Mushrooms, sweating while wearing sunglasses, Olives, expensive beer, things that aren’t funny (excluding this page)

About Beth...

Here is a shiny pic of Beth

Beth grew up in Hollonville, a small town in Middle Georgia.  She, similar to Will, was born to a pack of wild Wolves before being left at the doorstep of Rodney and Debbie Willis soon after.  Rodney spent many years looking for a hobby, any hobby, to suit Beth’s unique skill set: aggression, good humor, GREAT looks, and a sometimes-awkward tendency to hurl things.  They tried hiking but that was too much like walking.  They tried Skiing but that was too much like standing.  They tried Soccer but that was too much like running.  They tried ballet, hopscotch, rollerblading, tennis, basketball, and even rock skipping but nothing would fit.  Then one day they tried softball.  No, not your mothers softball – FAST-pitch softball.  It was like a match made in heaven.  Beth was so successful at her new “hobby” that she was able to secure a scholarship to North Georgia College and State University where she graduated in four short years with a Bachelors degree Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics.  Beth still holds many school pitching records in Softball including strikeouts looking, walks, lowest batting average, etc.  After graduating Beth took her show on the road and now gives pitching lessons several nights a week at The Pitchers Mound.  For her real job, Beth is a Business Analyst at Connecture.  Which to you means, the go between for developers and the client, which would be a healthcare insurance company.

Birthday: January 23
Likes: Zoe, shoes, softball, one boy in particular from SW GA, music, cheesy romance, cooking, spending time with family, traveling to foreign places, sushi, decorating, sarcasm
Dislikes: traffic, bad form when pitching, people who don't use their blinkers, olives, onions, being licked by dogs, leaving the bed unmade

Will & Beth

Now I know you are wondering how this fairytale romance even started.  Will and Beth met via online dating site Plenty of Fish in July of 2010 and had their first date on July 22, 2010.  Almost immediately every one who knew them KNEW, just KNEW, they are just like peas & carrots, destined for each other.  They were engaged on October 8, 2010 and were married January 1, 2011.

Anniversary: January 1, 2011
Current City: Atlanta
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