So again.. It looks like Will and I have been the most slacker bloggers on the planet.. But now I'm here, to catch you up with what's been going on it our lives.. get ready.  It looks like the last time I blogged was in March, so here we go..

Asher is ONE! 
We went to a 1st birthday party for little Asher.  Keri and Jon went to the max and rented out a suite at the Gwinnett Braves stadium.  Check out these decorations!! Asher is just too cute.  I can't wait to see him out on the ball field!

House hunt! 

Will and I have been talking for a while about how we would like more space.  One day we would like to have a family, and we just didn't have enough space in the condo.  808 sq feet really only go so far.  So we started talking to my realtor, Julia, about buying a house and selling the condo.  We started going to really look for houses around the end of March.. More to come on this topic...  

Now he knows how Sampras feels

Softball League

Jacob, one of Will's cousins, asked Will and I if we would like to play in a coed slow pitch softball league.  His church, Mt. Vernon Baptist, was starting up a coed league and they needed some help finding some players.  Will of course jumped on it in a second.  I called up some old team members, co-workers, and buddies and we put together a team.  We had a rough start, losing our 4 first games, but came back strong and were league champs!! We just started the summer league tonight, and everyone came back to play.  Let's bring another one home guys!
Winning Team! 

Katie's Condo
I am very happy for my friend, Katie, who just bought her first home in April! She bought an AWESOME condo and I can't wait to experience all the fun times that await us there.  I hooked her up with my realtor and went to check out a few places before she found the gem that she found at the View!  It really is an amazing spot and I just know she is going to have a blast there.
She had a housewarming party and her birthday party on the same night.. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of her or her condo that night..

Glass Fusing
Thanks to Half off Depot I was able to try my hand at Glass Fusing.  I went with some girl friends over to Hollander Glass Fusing and tried to make a dish.  Sadly, I heard a few days later that my glass broke in the Kiln when it was being "baked"  But now I will get to go back for free and try to make something else!  It was definitely a fun time.

Meg and Graham Wedding
My cousin, Meg just got married to the love of her life on May 19th.  Meg has always been very sentimental, they choose this date because it was our Paw-paw's birthday.  She also hung our Grandmommy's chandelier in the tree right above where they said their vows, how cool is that?!  They couldn't be there in person, but she was so sweet to really make a point to make sure their spirit was there.  She was a gorgeous bride, I've always told her she should be a model.  Both beautiful people, beautiful wedding.

Burke Memorial Day

For our annual Burke Memorial Day, we went to the lovely Rentz, GA.  Never heard of it? Really?  Well, it's near Dublin. Still nothing... about an hour south of Macon.  Yes, below the gnat line.
We stayed in an incredible house with golf, a zip line, fishing, kayaking, skeet shooting, horses, driving range right off the back porch, and of course lots of quality family time.

That should get you caught up on most everything.. except for what has been holding about 70% of our time for the last few months, house selling, house searching, and house buying! But I'll save that for a rainy day :)

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