Goodbye Spire

Will and I listed the condo for sale on April 26.  This was my first time ever selling a house so I had no idea what all was involved.  When I bought the condo back in 2006 I worked with a realtor, Julia, and I just loved her.  I have since recommended her to a few of my friends and so I of course wanted to use her to help sell the condo.  
Will and I knew that we were going to have to remove some of our stuff, so we got to work on taking out some of the extra stuff that we had accumulated over the span of six years that I have lived there.  
Next, Julia came over to help us move things around so that it would look nice to a prospective buyer.  It was so weird trying to look at my own home through the eyes of someone else.  I read lots of articles about home staging and how to ensure your house sells quickly, but in the end it is still our home which I thought looked great and I had a hard time changing things around so that it didn't look like our house anymore.  We were told to take down any pictures of us so that a prospective buyer could imagine themselves in the house and not wonder what we were like.  It was very strange.  
Then Will and I starting cleaning, and I mean really cleaning.  We even pulled out the Q-tips for scrubbing some hard to reach spots.  It was worth it though, when we were finished the place was immaculate.  The pictures that Julia got are great! It doesn't even seem like our place! 
When we ended up listing the condo we had no idea how long it would be on the market and what was in store for us.  
The first day I was expecting for people to be knocking down the door to check it out, but they didn't.  I did finally get a call the next day for our first showing.  We put both of the dogs in their crate and just hoped for the best.  It was really weird for me to imagine people going through my home without me even being there.  I think this weirdness is multiplied since I am an only child - I don't like people messing with my stuff! Will and I were worried that we weren't going to be able to keep the place show ready for any of the showings since we were still living there - with both the dogs.  But it turned out that we didn't have long to keep it clean anyway.

On May 1 we had our final showing.  Yes, it was listed for five days.  In total we had four showings and got two offers.  I can't even tell you how lucky we are.  I know people that have listed and de-listed their units and just haven't had any luck.  I don't really know what the difference was but I really think God just had a plan for us and it really has all worked out.  Oh, and the view didn't hurt :)
We ended up closing on 5.31 

Will and I both had a lot of really great memories in Spire and it really was a great place to live.  But Will and I are both looking forward to our future.

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