One of my favorite things to do is look for new bands and artists to listen to. I love most kinds of music* I have found so many talented artists that I would miss if I only listened to the radio..
Unlike most of the planet, I do not use iTunes. gasp - i know... I am a subscriber to Microsoft Zune, and I am completely obsessed. I haven't always been lucky enough to know about Zune. I am very thankful to my husband for introducing me to my Zune. Zune gives much better recommendations for similar artists, and it is cool to be able to read a bio about each artist on my player.

In addition to my beloved Zune, I listen to several other sites as well. Check em out...

*my mom ruined classical for me. She always used to make me and my cousins (or whoever was in the car with us) listen to it and she would say to imagine animals or whatever jumping around and dancing to the music. But it just stressed me out. It has a similar effect on my dad.. weird huh.


I so wish this was me and Will right now. I feel like I am overdue for a vacation. We are talking about a trip soon.. so hopefully there will be more to post on that later...


So I've done it again.. I have managed to blow off this blog for a considerable amount of time.. What have you missed?
not much. We are pretty much same ol, same ol. Which means we are great! We have been having a blast and enjoying each day as it comes.
Again, I'll try to do better about blogging :)
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