For those of you that know Will, know that he has a sort of.. how do I say this nicely... obsessive personality.  If he decides he likes something he REALLLLLY likes it and that's all he wants to do for a while.  Well right now (or at least for last weekend) he is/was stuck on Geocaching.

For those of you that did not click on the link: Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunt.  Players (ordinary people, like you and me) try to locate hidden containers, better known as geocaches, by using some form of a GPS and then log their findings online.  There is no money or anything of any value hidden, at least not that we have found.. but it's all about the chase right?

Last weekend my cousin, Jessica, and her husband, Jeremy, went up with us to my parents new mountain house (which is super awesome by the way--post to come later) and we did some Geocaching and Planking.   We started our search for our first geocache at Unicoi State Park.  We came out empty handed, which is why we had to get in some serious planking while we were there.

Jeremy Planking

Jess Planking

Oh yeah, we saw some waterfalls while we were there too..

Anna Ruby Falls

Next stop was Goats on the Roof in Helen, where we had our first successful geocache experience!!  I would put a picture of it, but I don't know how many muggles read my blog.. so just use your imagination.  After we found it, we went inside and did some more planking and had some ice cream..


After that we were totally on a geocache role.. we found like 4 or 5 more.  We aren't geocache-pros.. but we are well on our way.

One happy geocacher
It's my fault.  I told him about it and sparked his interest in this new hobby.. so I blame myself.


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="263" caption="Sublime Burger"][/caption]

No, I'm not writing a post about the band.  Will and I have been talking for a while about the new craze of the sublime burger at Cypress St.  So we decided to go see what all the fuss was about..

What is it?  Funny you should ask.  It is a burger with two (yes, two) glazed doughnuts for the bun.  This particular burger has Sublime Doughnuts for the bun.  Since they wouldn't hold the fat or put the calories on the side, Will and I decided to split one.. and Yes, it was worth every calorie.


PCHS - Ten Years Later


[caption id="attachment_641" align="aligncenter" width="636" caption="PCHS Class of 2001"][/caption]


I can't believe that it's been ten long years since I graduated from high school.  Only weeks after attending Will's reunion, we went to mine.  It was held in the Whiskey Bonding Barn on July 9th.  As soon as we pulled in I saw lots of familiar faces that I haven't seen in ages!  We walked in and it was like a step back in time.. all my old friends.. all the memories.  It was so GREAT to see everyone.  I'm sure that everyone thinks this, but we seriously did have the best class of all time.

[caption id="attachment_647" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My sisters "][/caption]

Unlike most places, Pike County only has one high school in the whole county.  So that means that I have known most people since kindergarten.  I only graduated with about 120 people.  Of course that means that I not only know everyone's name, but pretty much their history.  That makes for great stories at a ten year reunion.  I am so looking forward to our next one!!


July 4 Cake

For the 4th of July party I made the most amazing and simple cake.  I really wish I had a pic of this.. it is super a low-fat dessert and perfect for any July 4th party..it was so easy that I have to share how I made it.



Angel Food Cake

2 bags of Mixed Berries -- Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries

Fat Free Cool Whip



Chop up the Angel food cake, it doesn't have to be pretty.. Pull out a cake bowl like this one...

and now just layer the angel food cake, cool whip and berries.  Now let it sit for about 24 hours in the fridge and serve!!

Happy July 7th!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="329" caption="Some random fireworks"][/caption]

So.. I missed the 4th... sue me.

Will and I spent our holiday weekend at home and had some friends over.  I didn't even know Will this time last year (crazy, huh)  so, obviously, he has never seen the fireworks from our balcony.  We have a great view of downtown and you can see the fireworks show at Centennial Olympic Park and other smaller fireworks shows south of Atlanta.

The picture is obviously not the fireworks we saw.. but my camera was inside and there were a lot of people on the balcony AND it was raining... SO needless to say, all the pictures I took were with my memory..
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