Jamie, Susan, and Jennie - some of the girls that I used to work with at New Horizons, were sweet enough to throw me a shower last Sunday. (12.19)  The shower was at Susan's house where she cooked a ton of food!  To name a few of the treats - we had pizza, sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, and lots of different types of dip.  There was a quiz - How well do you know Beth Wills... and LT won getting 9 our of 16 correct.  There were some really hard questions like --

  • What is my favorite color - it totally depends on what it is we are talking about!

  • Where is one place I want to go in the world -- there are a million places I want to go..

  • Who do I think is the sexiest man alive, besides Will -- are there any other men??

  • and more..

I gave the same quiz to Will later that day and he also got 9 correct.. I was impressed.

Thanks so much girls for throwing the shower, it is always so much fun to hang out with you girls!

Christmas Pictures!

[caption id="attachment_448" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Our first Christmas was white!"][/caption]

Christmas is over now but I have now had some reporting back from my family about how their thoughts on Will.  They are agree that Will fits right in..I'm not sure if they think that is a good thing or a bad thing.. I mean, our family can be a little spunky!

This was the first Christmas in over a century that it has snowed!  I think it's special that our first Christmas was white!

Here are some pictures from our first Christmas together!

[caption id="attachment_449" align="alignright" width="219" caption="Merry Christmas!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_452" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Willis Family Christmas 2010"][/caption]


Merry Christmas!!

[caption id="attachment_443" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Merry Christmas!!"][/caption]

This is our first Christmas (of many) together and I just couldn't be happier.  Being with Will is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for.

We are spending Christmas with my family this year.  We have several traditions of Christmas.  Every year we go to my Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Bert's house on Christmas Eve for the Willis Christmas.  We read the Christmas story, sometimes Santa even makes an appearance, we open presents and spend time with family. On Christmas morning we stay at home and hang out with my parents and do our Christmas.  We are going back up to Bert and Priscilla's for lunch today.  Tonight we celebrate the Grant Christmas at my Uncle Calvin and Aunt Nancy's house  where we will eat more delicious food and spend time with my mom's side of the family.

It's the first Christmas that Will has been away from Bainbridge, but I am so happy that we were able to be there (via speaker phone) last night for the reading of of Polar Express and I know that it meant a lot to him.



[caption id="attachment_431" align="alignleft" width="248" caption="Getting some good loot..."][/caption]

I had my first official wedding shower this past Sunday.  It was thrown by my cousin, Jessica, and two of my aunts, Nancy and Priscilla.  Jessica was nice enough to host it at her and Jeremy's new house.  We had a wonderful turnout and as always it was great to catch up with everyone and I got some GREAT gifts!!

I think its amazing how everyone comes together during these important steps of your life.  You can always really count on family!

Thanks everyone for coming!! I can't wait to see you all at the wedding!

[caption id="attachment_430" align="alignright" width="387" caption="Everyone at the Family Shower"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_429" align="alignnone" width="282" caption="Mom and Mom-In-Law"][/caption]

Thanks everyone for coming!! I can't wait to see you all at the wedding!


Last weekend I got to meet the Hall's (Will's mom side of the family) at his Grandma's 80th surprise birthday party!  Will's Aunt Donna planned the whole party months in advance.  She really outdid herself with food, poems, and of course lots of catching up.  The party was a total surprise and you could just see the happiness bursting out of Grandma.  There were lots of her friends there that she hadn't seen in a while and of course lots of family.

Tomorrow is actually Don's birthday too -- Happy Birthday Don!!

Below is a picture of Will's brother-in-law, Len, Sister, Annalee and of course us.. I am an only child so I think it's so cool that I will have a new sister and brother in law!!

[caption id="attachment_420" align="alignleft" width="644" caption="Len, Annalee, Will and Beth at Grandma's 80th Birthday Party!"]Len, Annalee, Will and Beth at Grandma's 80th Birthday Party![/caption]


Santaland Diaries

[caption id="attachment_415" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Santaland Diaries playing at Horizon Theatre"]Santaland Diaries[/caption]

Last night, Will and I went to the play "Santaland Diaries."  I was looking forward to a "date-night" and getting away from all the wedding talk.  We had a great time but the show wasn't exactly as Christmas-y as we were expecting.

It hasn't really felt like Christmas time to us, I guess because of all the hustle and bustle about the wedding.  Although the play wasn't quite what we were expecting, it was pretty funny and of course it was still great to get to go out away from all the decisions I feel like we have been making. Hopefully it will start to feel more like Christmas soon!

Only 15 more days til Christmas!!!



[caption id="attachment_410" align="alignleft" width="228" caption="Broadwing Farm Cabins"][/caption]

I bet you are wondering what a mini-moon is... well, its a mini honeymoon.  It's a shorter, less elaborate honeymoon.  And that is what Will and I have decided to do in January.  We will take a longer (more elaborate) honeymoon later in the year somewhere very cool.  After much discussion of where to go on our mini-moon we have decided to go to Hot Springs, NC.  We are renting one of the cabins at Broadwing Farm.

[caption id="attachment_411" align="alignright" width="176" caption="Broadwing Farm Cabin"][/caption]

Each one of their beautiful cabins has it's own hot tub that fills with the naturally warm mineral water.

Hot Springs is known for its mineral springs and beautiful mountain views.  The town was discovered by Native Americans who found the 100+ degree mineral water, where the name Hot Springs comes from.  It's about 40 miles north of Asheville.  Even to this day Hot Springs is the only town with hot mineral water in the Southeaster United States.

I can't wait!!



If there is one word I am sick of right now, it's FLOW.  You got it, flow.

I thought we were doing such a great job planning this whole wedception.  We picked a date, a venue, locked down my Uncle Bert to cook for us, got Cindy to do our flowers and decorating, Gordon is going to do our music, set a style, heck - we even have a mission statement I'm not kidding).

So, what's the problem with Flow?  Well, my mom set up a meeting with some key people that will be helping me out (THANKS guys!) to go to the Strickland building and just finalize some small details (so we thought). We needed to figure out where the vows will take place, how the tables will be set up, where the food and drinks will be, where the DJ will be, and where I am getting ready.  Most importantly how everything can FLOW nice and smooth.  Instead of really nailing down these decisions, we had to come up with several options, since there is no telling how much room the 32 tables are going to take up. Hopefully we will be able to get something figured out before the day before - if not, we are gonna have a rockin' New Years Eve moving tables around.

Come on Jan. 2

Menu Change!

After some discussion, we have decided to change our menu!  Our menu now includes:

  • BBQ

  • Chicken Fingers

  • Baked Beans

  • Slaw

  • French Fries

  • Black Eyed Peas

  • Turnip Greens

And so you know -- Will and I are making it a point to eat at the Wedception, so if we are eating - don't interrupt.  :)
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