Ten Things: Why Beth?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="352" caption="Cute Beth"]Smiling Beth[/caption]

A friend of mine was just asking me, what’s the deal with this Beth chick?  For folks who know me but who haven’t seen me in a while, this whole Beth thing seems to have come from left field.  I decided that perhaps I should explain myself a bit.

As has been previously discussed, Beth and I met online via Plenty of Fish and in person on July 22, 2010.  Every day since then has been better than the last.  Why, you ask?

Ten reasons why Beth is Best

  1. She is cute. Not just how squirrels are cute, but like big time 100% even-when-sweaty cute (see above picture).

  2. She is funny hilarious. For evidence, just have a 30 second conversation with her.  Really.

  3. She uses the TAB key on a keyboard. 1% of you will even know what I’m talking about but it is, no lie, the coolest thing ever.  Ever.

  4. She is patient. I am one of the most impatient people on the planet.  I want everything to happen right now and as efficiently as possible.  As a result, I can be amazingly difficult to get along with.  Beth, however, just let’s me ramble for a while then tells me, politely, to shut the hell up.  For this she deserves a Nobel Peace Prize (well, one before they started giving them out to just anybody).

  5. She has a great memory. During our second or third date I mentioned in passing that I’d like to look into something.  I don’t remember what it was but it was some topic that I’d been meaning to Google or whatever to find out more information.  A few hours into the next day I received a totally unexpected email from Beth with the information in question.  That probably doesn’t make any sense – she probably remembers but that’s all I got! Smile

  6. She is mushy. See?

  7. She works hard. It seems that a lot of folks our age, and perhaps folks of all ages, are just plain lazy.  Beth is the opposite.  She is always doing something and doing it well.

  8. She is a great friend. Not just to me, but to others as well.  She has about a bajillion friends on Facebook and unlike me knows and keeps up with almost all of them.

  9. She is smart. Way smarter than me.

  10. She loves me. Nuff said.

Bring on 1/1/11.


  1. First, your updating this site floored me. I just thought it would be wedding details and stuff.

    Then your Uncle Steve asked, "Will's wedding blog is neat isn't it?" And I thought-well, Will is pretty techno, so not surprised but....

    So I decided to go back today and see what has been added....

    You both sound so together about this thing, and that makes me happy! I am glad you found each other.

    I hate it when I pour my heart out on my blog, and nobody comments, so I decided to comment. Love ya,

  2. Will, I love your ten reasons for loving Beth!!!!!!!! Impatience seems to run in the family with me being No. 1 - no patience at all!!!! Once again, both of you keep up the wonderful creativeness on your wonderful wedding website - it is the best!!!!! Am looking forward to seeing you next week!!!! Love, Aunt Donna


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