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I haven't been sure about what to wear for this whole wedception thing... I had looked around online for what I liked and to the left is the dress that I liked the most.  I am sure that particular dress costs way more than my budget for this entire shabang.  So, I kept looking.. .Anyway, I was looking online for some dresses I liked today and called my mom up to see if she could go to check out a few actually on me instead of in pictures online.  (everything tends to look way better in pictures than it does on my body)  I have hated dress shopping since the dawn of time, or since I had to go dress shopping with my mom for prom.. basically the same thing, right? And I know that my mom has a similar feeling about dress shopping with me. She gritted her teeth and said that there was nothing she would rather do.  So I called and made an appointment with a specialist for 12:30 and off we went to try on the white clouds.

We were greeted by the overly wedding happy staff and they began asking questions about what I like, what I don't like and so on.  I was working with a lady name Melinda, she was super nice and my polar opposite.  One of the most girlie girls ever and I am pretty sure I heard her heart break a little when I told her that no, I had not been dreaming of my wedding my entire life and I did not have the whole thing planned out by age four.  Little by little she started narrowing down the dresses she thought I would like and that were in a price range that wasn't totally out of the question.  While she was scoping out her picks I did a little searching myself and found a dress that wasn't exactly what I had described but thought it was gorgeous.  Off to the dressing rooms we went with about eight dresses.  I tried them on, and shot them down one by one until I had only two left - the one I picked out and one final dress that Melinda had picked out for me to try.  I put mine on and wha-la!  We were done. I can't give you anymore clues because I don't want to give it away.  But it doesn't look like this.

I was also able to pick out shoes (my favorite part).  I am not  showing or telling Will anymore than is in this blog post so his mind can wonder, so if you know what the dress and the fixings look like - keep it to yourself.. it's all going to be kept on the down-low.

Now only if prom dress shopping had been that easy maybe my mom and I wouldn't hate it so badly.  Dress shopping has never been so easy.

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