The Proposal

I know you all are just dying to know so here it is...

It was just a normal Friday night on 10.08 and Will and I went to dinner -- after much discussion about where to go, we ended at P.F. Changs.  Honestly, it wasn't the best dinner experience. We had to wait a long time to ever be seated, our server was definitely not up to par, etc.. Two and a half hours later, we went back to Will's to watch some TV and just hang out on the couch. That is where he just said, Baby, will you marry me? And I said, Of course!!  -- We're engaged!!

WILL adds: P.F. Changs - wow that was a bummer.  It was supposed to be a nice relaxing night for both of us.  Dinner, maybe a few drinks or some coffee after, and then get to the asking after buttering her up for a few hours.  However, 2.5 hours for dinner made both of us tired and edgy so I just rolled with it :)  A more sensible man would have waited BUT, I had a schedule to keep dangit!!!  The fact that she said yes anyways -- that's why I asked to begin with.  She's that kind of girl.

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