Please send us your latest contact info!!

**UPDATE** Because we had a few random folks from the internet filling out our form, I just added a password.  We will be sending out the password as we ask folks to fill the form out.  If I've already sent you that email and you need the password, drop me an email.  Thanks ! Will

Beth and I are currently working to get our guest and invitation contact lists put together and up to date.  It would be a HUGE help if you would please use the submit address link.  This really neat feature of Google Docs will automatically update our contact list.


  • The form is not fancy - sorry but you have to type "GA" for "Georgia".  There is no sweet little drop down menu.

  • Please enter both names if you are a couple and on 1 name for single (duh).

  • Watch your spelling - we will be using this info to auto generate labels.  Please don't abbreviate cities, etc. (OK for ST instead of Street).

If you have any questions or problems please let us know.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this form for us - I promise you it's an ENORMOUS help!


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  1. MY NEW ADDRESS: Because the Postal Service is supposedly sizing down I have to move my mail to another area. I have moved it to downtown within the Peachtree Center MARTA Station. So my new address is the following:

    POB 56023
    Atlanta, GA 30343

    Aunt Donna


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