I am not the type of girl who has dreamed of my perfect wedding day my whole life.  Actually I am the girl that has always said that I am not having a wedding, and that I would be perfectly happy with eloping or running off to Vegas.  Tangent - I said that until I actually went to Vegas, and then I decided that a Vegas style wedding is not my style either.. With that being said, I really had never thought about what I really truly wanted.  And I definitely had no idea how much planning is involved in this whole wedception idea. I guess being that it is only 79 days away (WOW! Only 79 days! I can't believe that)  doesn't make it any less stressful.

Thankfully for sites like the knot, OneWed, and all my friends I think I'm going to actually be able to pull this off.. well, hopefully.  On my "knot" checklist I have like 379 to do items, so I better get crackin!

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  1. This was my favorite post of all! The girl who I knew would elope, get married in a hot air balloon or snorkeling somewhere is actually PLANNING a wedding!! I'm here for you my dear!! ;)


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